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This is a great bargain compared with buying a renewal from Apple for . What I do have a problem with is how this was purchased. Talk about a waste of resources: packaging, fuel for shipping, labor to package and ship it.But renewal online using this product is a little tricky; you have to bypass renewal by credit card etc. Here's how:1) Go to [...] and log in.2) Go to Account (click on your name at top right). Now, I'm grateful for the lower price on Amazon (saved around 25 frog skins when compared with Apple), but the delivery needs to be something like this: buy Mobile Me code -For years I had this service when it was called .

Mac icon and the Mac OS X networking icon, which was identical but grey in color.Once you have everything set up in Entourage, connect the i Phone to i Tunes.Click the i Phone icon in the i Tunes window and then click the Info tab.You'll be asked to enter your password again.3) Select "Billing Info" in list at left4) Click on "Apply Activation Key" in bottom left5) Click radio button "Apply to an existing account" and enter the 16-letter activation code in the box you have bought here6) Confirm Renewal (you may have to enter your name and password yet again). Mac, but after discovering Dropbox and Foxmarks I stopped using it. This has me wondering why shipping an empty box from New Jersey to Seattle, WA, is needed.

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While some subscribers report having been able to successfully connect to the new site and log in, others have seen sporadic service availability or have never been able to log into the new system. Mac subscribers, when attempting to configure i Disk or sync from the Mac OS X System Preferences, are still finding that those services are offline.

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