Polygamist dating rituals

Rumors swirled around the courthouse in San Angelo, Texas, last summer.

Prosecutors had charged Warren Jeffs -- leader of the nation's most notorious polygamous sect, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints -- with sexually assaulting two underage girls in the group's Texas compound.

Our anonymous French authority says regarding this: When a youth wishes to marry, he goes to find the father and the mother of the girl whom he desires.

After having made his request he throws before the mother some strings of glass beads, and before the father a breechcloth.

Angela said that they lie “so deeply” that her husband went “underneath [her] and out and had multiple other wives in secret”. Another divorced woman, Amina,* gave me a detailed rundown: “What we call ‘lie’ maybe is something else. “If you tell your wife, your actual wife, that you are going to take another one, people will think you are mad, you are crazy. ” I asked if the second marriage is legal, and not just a mistress situation. ” Amina replied, “But she cannot do anything about it.If they take the presents it is a sign of their consent, and then the youth leads the girl away to his home without other ceremony.From this moment the mother can no longer appear before her son-in-law; if they are obliged to remain in the same room they make a little partition between them for fear lest they see each other….The boys are expected to look after the family's herds, leaving home each morning, returning for the daily milking and breakfast before taking the herd out again for the afternoon.One of their pastimes is stick fighting as preparation for entering military service.

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