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as well as campaigning for cannabis decriminalization.

During his tenure as governor, Johnson adhered to an anti-tax policy, setting state and national records for the number of times he used his veto power: Term-limited, Johnson retired from front-line politics in 2003.

The following Monday, Matthew called from downtown and asked the older man to pick him up.

He sat up front in the limousine with Doc, who said he had been on his way to Subway to get a sandwich. They stayed at the restaurant for two hours, talking.

He is known for his roles as Tim O'Hara on the CBS sitcom My Favorite Martian, Tom Corbett on the ABC comedy-drama series The Courtship of Eddie's Father, and stage illusionist Anthony Blake in the NBC crime drama series The Magician, but is perhaps best known for his role as scientist Dr.

David Banner on the CBS science-fiction drama series The Incredible Hulk.

His father, Wilfred Everett Bixby II, was a store clerk and his mother, Jane (née Mc Farland) Bixby, was a senior manager at I. In 1942, when Bixby was eight years old, his father enlisted in the Navy during World War II and traveled to the South Pacific.

Johnson ran for president in 2012, initially as a Republican on a libertarian platform emphasizing the United States public debt and a balanced budget, protection of civil liberties, military non-interventionism, replacement of income tax with the Fair Tax, and opposition to the War on Drugs.

Johnson received 4.4 million votes (roughly 3.3% of the total vote), which is most for a third party presidential candidate since 1996 and the highest national vote share for a Libertarian candidate in history.

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, author, and politician.

He was the 29th Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 as a member of the Republican Party.

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