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A student at the University of Nairobi, she was discovered by photographer Peter Beard.Through the 1970s and 1980s, Iman was a favorite model in .Within weeks, the pair officially became an item and two years later, they married, becoming one of music and fashion's most enduring couples.Both were fiercely private and kept “the press and editors and everybody out of our house”, according to Iman, only giving the world an insight into their lives on rare occasions.Bowie, who died of cancer yesterday at age 69, was the British son of a waitress and a charity promotions officer whose origin story of legend—fabricated, to his great satisfaction, by Bowie himself—was as an extraterrestrial emissary. Frequent Bowie collaborator Brian Eno said of the ceremony, “You couldn't tell what was sincere and what was theater.It was very touching.” report “David Bowie Asks Iman If They Should Just Do Lasagna Again.”) Their 23-year marriage at once compounded Bowie’s unreachable glamour and made him seem closer, more familiar.If you know anything about the couple, you know that theirs was something of a storybook romance — what the kids these days call “relationship goals.” After all, making a marriage last for more than a decade, and then more than two, is a feat in and of itself.

April 1992 - Present Iman and British rocker David Bowie have been married in bliss for over 20 years.

Iman and Bowie both managed to stay together until the very end.

Iman, it seems, was already preparing herself and the world for Bowie’s imminent exit from this world as just days prior, she had taken to social media, posting messages which surely were prelude to her husband’s death.

They have two daughters, Zulekha Haywood from Iman's previous marriage, and Alexandria Zahra Jones.

In late 1990, not long after word had emerged that the planet’s most fearless and imaginative pop icon was dating one of the planet’s most glamorous supermodels, the mononymous gossip columnist Suzy reported, “David Bowie and Iman are still in the throes of whatever. A.'s Laurel Canyon and they'll spend the holidays together at David's house on the beautiful little island of Mustique. Because when confronted with such a world-historical collision of pulchritude, charisma, and impeccable fashion taste, it’s not just that words fail—words become an annoyance, an encumbrance, a barnacle on the ship of life and truth and beauty.

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