Dating for mild cerebral palsy people

Fortunately, I have a very mild case of CP, and only my walk is affected.My hamstrings and heel cords are spastic (meaning they might twitch or spasm on their own and I can't control them) or tight. For people with more severe cases of CP, all aspects of their physical abilities — and sometimes even mental abilities — can be limited.

I am celebrating for all my friends who now have the right to marry, but I cannot celebrate for myself, because I still cannot get married.

:p I am incredibly shy and find it really difficult to make friends because of my disability, so I have always been a loner. I am proud to say I am now 30 and able to live on my own. In winter months I get sore chin just looking for advice thank you but I have cerebral palsy and I can't walk to the restroom and sit down on the toilet by myself like I wish I could. Since grade school, I've always been one that has been bullied.

They automatically assume I'm mentally handicapped. It is in stark contrast to my thin, small frame and makes me... I'm still trying to accept it even though it has been 23 years. I have poor mouth control and closure I wear a bib all the time is there any treatment that can be done to slow the flow down.

I was fortunate that my legs were only slightly affected, which allowed me to participate in gym, school sports, and marching band.

I was even bold enough to take part in school productions and plays.

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