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• When you meet someone you like, your membership can be put on 'hold'; this facility is available for a maximum of 12 months.If you wish to become active again, all on 'hold' time will be added to your membership.At least they aren't trying to make the disabled invisible, or to assume that disabled people date only amongst themselves. Nonetheless, the predominant view of disabled dating is limiting and there is progress yet to make.More and more people without disabilities are pursuing potential partners from the disabled community.• You will receive full support from our experienced team of consultants.

• Unlimited selections from Deluxe and Starter packages.The tired walk-along-the-beach trope reflects a stereotype that equates disability with compromised mobility and limits.While the romance websites are flawed at best, at least they're entertaining the possibility that disabled people might go on dates, might participate in romantic encounters.Dating and building friendships can be hard at the best of times, regardless of whether you have a learning disability or not.However, if you do have a learning disability, you are more likely to face barriers that stop you regularly socialising and having healthy relationships.

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