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The seemingly autobiographical film from writer/director/star Philipp Karner may have been therapeutic for him, but it is too opaque and slow-moving to compel the attention of many audiences beyond the gay festival circuit.It must be admitted, however, that the film is slick and professionally produced, a pleasant change of pace from many festival offerings.‘On one hand, I didn’t really have any time to worry about my performance so that made things simpler. But then on the other hand it’s impossible to be objective when watching a scene with yourself in it.And I’m in most of the scenes in the film.’ The story is a deeply personal one for Philipp.Joe moves into Mel's basement with a meager amount of his belongings, with his ex-wife having most of the good stuff.Mel then convinces him to stand up for himself and get back his widescreen TV. WATCH: The full interview between Chelsea Handler and Fortune Feimster as Sarah Huckabee Sanders Morning Round-Up: Trump’s ‘great favor,’ Amazon sued; Jeffrey Lord fired; Chelsea Manning models begins a one week run at the Arena Theatre in Hollywood this Friday. They’re really wonderful.’ In addition to Outfest, the film has also played Reel Affirmations in Washington DC, Cinema Diverse in Palm Springs, Reeling Chicago and it will play Image Nation in Montreal in early December.

As Joe is making the grocery list, he asks Mel what certain items are on the list. One of which was tampons, he tells her "no freaking way".Carrie is insecure again when Big takes her to a socialite party on Park Avenue but never seems able to express his love, and therefore she goes out with an artistic flirt without means she find waitering there. But despite making exceptions on several dating rules, she feels like she has to establish some boundaries when the guy goes too far with his sexual requests.When Charlotte meets the movie star in the gallery, he is staring at the fire extinguisher. But it's just something I've gotta do in my own time! Miranda is seeing a guy who's poorer than her, and money issues eventually lead to a breakup.Phillip had been working on for nearly three years, raised ,000 to make it and was able to shoot the film in 15 days.‘I decided that I’d rather be frustrated and anxious about getting a movie made than waiting around for auditions,’ Philipp says of creating a movie with a meaty role for himself.

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