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I took the queue from the attitude of ' Molly Soda' and have made the personality of the lyrics to be like half-jaded, half-reverent odes to the internet and alternative culture.What's the funnest show you've ever played? So in college my old power-pop-punk band Missouri Sex Offenders (sadly I am not making that name up) somehow conned our way into opening for Andrew WK — a personal hero of mine — when he came to our town. Who, in your opinion, is the voice of our generation?"Williams is heard in the filmed chat telling Houabi: "You've been a beautiful person, the song is called 'Losers'.It should be out in October some time."God bless you, take care to you in Essex, from me in Los Angeles. "However, a spokesperson for Williams has stated that the track will not be his next single.

Upon doing some further research we discovered some scary stuff.

With more than 200 artists showing, this year’s exhibition was rich in diversity.

Here, we’ve picked the seven graduating artists to keep your eye on.

The format of this story deserves as much credit in making it compelling as the content.

It’s a conversation between two people, played out as a series of Whats App chat messages A girl recounts the time her housemate, R, was browsing Facebook and came across his own picture in the social network’s “People you may know”. And that profile was in a relationship with someone else.

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It was a pretty organic and natural process really.

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