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When women find out I dated actor and advocate Lamman Rucker, they always ask why we aren’t together today.

One night, he dropped me off and then went out to a nightclub with my sister and her friends!

In 1292 Rama Khamhaeng, by this time a devoted follower of the Theravada sect, made an inscription proclaiming the official religion of the Sukhothai kingdom tobe the Theravada form of Buddhism.

At the same time he continued his regular sojourns to thespirit of the hill located on the south side of the city of Sukhothai10 (Gustafson 19).

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Animism, or primal religious practices11, and Theravada Buddhism existed comfortably together.

Later, along with animistic practices, Brahmanistic rituals from Indian Hinduism were alsoincorporated into Thai Buddhism.

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