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If you aren;t certain that you’ve grieved enough, do seek grief counseling for yourself and for family members, if there are children.

Keogh says that overwhelming feelings of guilt can be an indication that you’re not quite ready to get back out there.

Date as long as it is necessary for you to be sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person and date as soon, or as long, after the death of a spouse as you feel comfortable.

Also bbe sure that you are not trying to replace the former spouse (with just another warm body).

Keogh also writes that it’s natural for your date to want to know about your late spouse if he didn't know him while he was alive.

It’s ok for you to share something about your late spouse as long as you can change the subject and show an interest in the person you’re dating now.

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Somehow, I felt his presence, and sensed he was happy I had a supportive man like Adam in my life.

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